Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hyperinflation Talk

You know the commodities trade is getting long in the tooth when you hear traders talk about hyperinflation and the dollar going lower.  The euro has topped out after running up to almost 1.43.  We have gold looking like it formed a double top pattern around 1384.  The ES has formed a double top pattern from April around 1215.    The majority believes the Fed will achieve its inflation levels and stocks will go higher.  The sentiment is euphoric.  Yes, not just bullish anymore. 

If you don't get short here, I don't know when you will.  Once in a blue moon? 


Petsamo said...

I'm always partly long, the rest in cash. Thank goodness. But I've been waiting and hoping for an extended downleg. We get the employment situation before the bell. I'm hoping for bad news.

Anonymous said...

pet- who cares?

Really? Your always bragging about your great trades and perfect timing.

Usually means the persons full oh sh*t.

Get your own blog. No one really cares what you do or think.

Petsamo said...

You care what I think! Hehe! :)