Friday, December 27, 2013

Ignoring Bond Yields

The market is in the see no evil stage.  We have 10 Year Treasury yields at 3%, extreme bullish sentiment, low put-call ratios, and the Santa rally.  What could go wrong?  And January is a bullish month, so they are just buying 'em here.  I can't follow the crowd so easily.  It makes me nervous getting long these markets, more than going short.  I don't want to be short here either, but I will look to short this bloated market when we get to January, given that we don't go down much for the next 3 trading days.

TWTR looks so overextended, and toppy now, it reminds me a bit of TSLA in May, but I don't see the same upside for TWTR.  First of all, TWTR has a much bigger market cap that TSLA.  Second, TWTR will also have a lockup expiring in the coming months which will provide plenty of supply to dampen the price rises.  TSLA didn't have that.  I can easily see TWTR getting greedy and doing a secondary while there stock is sky high and further adding to the supply.  Social media stocks are a bubble, and you have to treat them as bubble stocks.  Fundamentals eventually will matter, but it is more about supply and demand right now.  

Monday, December 23, 2013

Balloon Gets Bigger

It is a game of chicken now, dare to short a freight train?  With the big news from the Fed out of the way, the investors will be piling in, and we have gotten a monster relief rally and pretty big gap up.  I see the low put/call ratios, the high levels of bullish sentiment, and  overbought conditions, but I don't like to short around Christmas.  It usually doesn't go down this time of year.  I will revisit the short side with more conviction in the early parts of January.  Right now, there is little incentive for longs to sell, when they can wait till January and avoid capital gains that they have for 2013.

It will be a slow time for this market, not much to do, but wait for January.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Bond Long Squeeze

The 10 year yields are squeezing higher this morning, and it will be a huge headwind for the stock market.  Yesterday was fast money traders looking to catch any rally, and shorts being squeezed intraday by the HFTs and eager beaver longs.  There will be payback for a senseless rally in the coming days and weeks.

Taper is huge news, no matter how much the bulls shrug it off as being inconsequential.  The Fed dovish talk doesn't matter, what matters is that they are actually reducing bond purchases, the lifeblood of this market.

With the taper now starting to roll, I am extremely bearish on this market.  This is a huge fundamental change, and no, it was not priced in because most were expecting a taper to start in January or March, depending on the data.  Fed has said the data is strong enough to taper.  That is a game changer and we will feel the selling pressure in January.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Lots of Fed Hope

It is puzzling to me how there is so much talk of taper, yet, hardly anyone expects the taper to happen at this meeting.  The consensus got throttled with the Fed no taper announcement on September, in particular, the ES and Treasury bond shorts.  So I am betting that there are almost no fast money shorts going into this meeting, in ES or ZN / ZB.  Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

Well, everyone is not going to be fooled this time, so the vast majority expect no taper, and I am one of that majority.  However, I don't expect much of a pop in stocks on that news, because it is pretty much consensus.  In fact, I expect a small pop, and a vigorous selloff going all the way into triple witching Friday.  So I would be a seller on any pop that comes right after the no taper announcement.  I don't expect any pops on the no taper news to last for more than an hour.

As I have said before, the Fed has always acted more dovish than consensus.  They sometimes talk tough, but they NEVER act tough without a 100% telegraph of that tough action.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Strange Overnight Price Action

Seemingly a huge stop order got triggered in the overnight session and we were down more than 10 handles at one point, but amazingly, we gapped up big and are running even higher.  These are not normal moves, hard to explain, other than everyone wants to get long ahead of the No Fed Taper rally.  Feels like most are not expecting any taper, and at the same time, expect a rally off that news.  The market has not priced in anything close to a taper in December, so if we don't get tapering, I really don't see a rally lasting at all.

Today is a head scratcher, I think we will be higher tomorrow, so I am just watching and waiting for a buying opportunity which probably won't come today.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Study TWTR's Price Action

If you want a lesson in trading super charged, momentum bubble stocks, print out the 30 minute chart for the past two weeks in TWTR and put it away for future reference.  This is eerily similar to the May price action in TSLA, just without the catalyst.  No catalyst, and you get a move of 40 to 59 in two weeks for a $20+ billion market cap company.  That doesn't happen often.  It reminds me of the dotcom boom, except without the satellite plays that fueled so many other tertiary names.  This is just TWTR going solo, leaving behind the rest of the momos in the dust.

The takeaway from the May surge in TSLA and the December surge in TWTR is that in order to fuel a huge move higher, you need a small float, large and vociferous short interest (probably most important!), a popular product, and huge growth potential.  Mix it all up and you get a formula for an explosive move higher.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Waiting for a Bigger Dip

This time, I don't think you can buy the dip down to 1780.  It worked last week, and worked before that, but the energy of the selloff is different.  More pernicious.  Plus, with the December taper talks getting traders more nervous for next week, and the heavy IPO and secondary calendar, I don't see a quick recovery.

Also, we are unable to gap up off a strong selloff yesterday, which is different price action than what we're used to seeing over the past 2 months.

Contrary to prior action, I actually expect a sustained selloff this week culminating in a weak Friday, something that would catch a lot of longs off guard ahead of the FOMC next week.  Probably the best stock to buy on the dip that I expect to continue till Friday is TWTR.  Expecting TWTR to test 55 sometime next week.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

TWTR Sparks Momos

The horses change, but with stock bulls looking for the next quick buck, are coming back to social media stocks.  It seems absurd for TWTR to be valued at $30B, with no profits, and with miniscule revenues.  But the stock market is about supply and demand.  TWTR is a recent IPO and the float is small, so you have limited amounts of stock available.  Also, TWTR is the one that has the most growth potential, which is what these momo traders want.  They don't care so much about profits as about growth rates.  It is much faster to grow a company when the revenues are tiny compared to relatively big revenues of a FB.

I am a long term bear on all these social media stocks, they all depend on advertising, and most advertising on the internet isn't effective, and has limited growth potential.  But I see a miniature version of the TSLA explosion higher (during May-August) in TWTR just because of the tight float, huge growth potential, and large number of skeptics shorting the stock.

As for the market overall, I am continuing to see a lagging Europe, despite the continuous inflows.  The supply and demand dynamics are getting much less favorable now for worldwide equities.  The higher valuations are bringing out more IPOs and secondaries, and attracting more hot money that will be just as quick to leave later.  For the rest of the year, I don't see much selling just because of the nature of the stock market up a lot in December.  The reluctance to sell stock because of tax reasons keeps the supply of stock for sale limited.  But, after that, it should be an interesting January/February 2014.  I expect heightened volatility as the supply demand dynamics of a saturated market take over.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Another Dip Viciously Bought

Well that dip didn't last long.  If you didn't buy yesterday's close, or didn't buy right after the tiny dip on the nonfarm payrolls, You either had to chase or miss the move.  The feared 200 print again on nonfarm payrolls was all hype, no substance.  Even the 10 year yields didn't go up, and the 30 year yield actually went down today despite the above expectations jobs number.

 The new norm: the rips seem to come on faster velocity than the dips.  It is counter to what the market should usually do, which is go down faster than it goes up.

But the greatest fear these days is to miss a continuation of the rally, rather than dealing with a big correction.  With big gains this year, the long term holders will be reluctant to sell this month and have to pay capital gains.  They would rather sell in January, when we should be higher like always, right?  So it is going to take a totally unexpected news item to bring this market down more than a couple percent for the rest of the year.  I just don't see it happening, with the Fed unwilling to taper earlier than expectations.

Right now, we are in a bad spot for traders.  For the nimble, I recommend shorting early next week.  But honestly, I would rather trade individual stocks than trade index futures here, the market is going to be dull.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Closer to BTFD Opportunity

Yesterday,  we had a continuation of weakness that has been uncommon.  It is a function of a lot of complacency leaving many without put protection, and stronger economic data stoking the tapering fears again.  Today, we had another fakeout after a stronger first hour, and now we are going for 3 down days in a row, which is definitely a change in character since we bottomed in October.

I see a confluence of strong support around 1770, so we have limited downside here.  The US is still the strongest of them all, with Europe now crumbling, because it doesn't have the POMO program to pump up their markets.  We are getting very close to a beautiful BTFD moment.  I don't see any deep selloffs unless the Fed surprises the markets with a December taper.  With the 10 year yields where they are, they will not rush the taper, and will wait and see.  Buying the close today should prove profitable by next week.

Monday, December 2, 2013

From Strong to Weak Hands

The past week we have consolidated above 1800, trading flat but gathering up more bulls in the process.  Also, getting more skewed call volume over the past several trading sessions, a sign that greed is taking over.  I am seeing short term topping signs, as the smart money sells to the dumb money.  The 10 year yields are sticky above 2.7%, and do not want to go down.  It looks like we will see a concurrent selloff in the 10 year with the S&P, as the biggest fear in the market is not overvaluation, but the Fed tapering with stronger employment numbers.

I don't see a December taper, because most of the Street do not expect it, and the Fed under Bernanke has NEVER surprised to the hawkish side when it comes to policy action.  On rare occasion, they have talked tougher than expected, but they have never acted tougher than expected.  

We are near saturation, there is very little upside for the next several weeks.  But also limited downside due to the lack of pullbacks.  Right now, I can only recommend looking for spots to short sell.  Going long is only advised after 1.5-2% dips. We will not dip more than 3% for quite a while, so 2% dips are safe to buy.