Friday, November 5, 2010

Almost at the Apex

There should be one last push, probably in premarket on Monday as the pre-weekend sellers put a lid on further upside today and the Monday buyers push up prices for the Monday open.  I am staying short, but don't think we'll have much downside today.  I'm looking for the selling to start Monday at the opening bell. 

Nonfarm payrolls almost seem like an afterthought, economic data is now viewed through a double good lens, if its bad data, Fed will buy more assets, if its good data, the economy is recovering and earnings will be higher.  A doubled head coin with Bernanke calling "heads" on every flip.  What a market.  Rigged beyond belief and a complete Ponzi scheme.  Karl Marx has taught Ben well.   Comrade Bernanke will always look out for us! 

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Anonymous said...

Sold SHZ @ 2.85


cash rules everything around me. CREAM dolla dolla billz ya'lllz