Friday, April 8, 2016

Boredom Trading

Took some trades this week that weren't all that great, but looked better than doing nothing.  Trading because I was bored sitting on my hands and wanted to stay warmed up.  I paid the price with losses the past 2 days.

Don't be like me and trade so-so setups just because you are bored.  Or if you are going to trade out of boredom, do it with tiny size.  I was trading my regular size doing these boredom trades.  When you trade these ok, but not that good setups, you will have little conviction on the trades and get easily shaken out and doubt yourself while in the trade.

It is a slop fest of a market.  Not bullish, not bearish, just about neutral.  The stock market feels heavier with each passing day, but the uptrend was so strong, these dips like you saw yesterday will be bought and supported the following day.  But the follow through is lacking because we are in the corporate buyback blackout period and everyone knows earnings are going to suck.  So most are selling rallies.  I will admit this market right now is fairly unpredictable.  I will stay out of the way until I get a better feel for the action.

Got a few paper cuts this week, which is a reminder to not trade because you are bored or want to make a day's pay with a quick trade.

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