Thursday, January 30, 2014

Bounce will Have to Wait

Unless one has been trading intensively intraday, it has been hard to make money going long this week.  Most of the big up moves have been happening in the overnight market.  

Yesterday's weakness after the FOMC meeting makes it tougher now.  I had a scenario where a small rebound yesterday would have provided a short opportunity before we went back down.  Well, the market didn't give the sellers any time to sell, except overnight.  If we can keep this gap up, ES 1779 is a good spot to sell short and I would be a buyer if we got down closer to ES 1765.  

I do not expect a trend down day, so we should be able to catch a decent bounce intraday if we get down low enough.  The first two hours of the day should see strong selling if we open around here, 1777.

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