Friday, November 21, 2014

China Rate Cut, Draghi Dove Talk

We got a double whammy today.  It is another feel good Friday with central banks on center stage.  This time its the ECB and PBOC.  These bankers must feel like superstars, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.  China is now joining the act, which was a matter of when, not if.  You know these central bankers have only one switch.  The on switch.  The off switch doesn't exist unless you have gigantic bubbles.  Big bubbles are left alone.  You need historic bubbles to get these central bankers to act.

Of course you have the ES on fire again, and now Europe is joining the act, which finally happened.  Draghi will lengthen the US equity bubble by a few months all by himself.  This is the blowoff stage.  You are in the middle of it.  No where even close to the end.  You still have bonds acting strong, you need them to weaken in order for you to have even a hint of a top.  There is absolutely no hint of a top yet.  We are still on full blast bull mode.  This bubble will be epic, with China joining the war front against bears.  Get long, or stand aside.

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