Monday, November 30, 2015


Starting from today, you will see traders setting up their positions for nonfarm payrolls and the FOMC meeting in 2 weeks.  You have to think ahead of what the Street will do ahead of those events.   A risk off sentiment should persist for the next week or two, as the market prepares for a Fed rate hike.  The best set up seems to be to short crude oil and bonds.  I don't have as much interest in shorting equities due to the beginning of the month tailwind that equities usually experience.

There is a lot of speculation in small caps going on lately and it has kept me busy with some intraday trading in that space.  Nothing exciting today however.


Anonymous said...

What's your thought on WTW Weigh Watchers.

Market Owl said...

WTW is a great short long term, but so many funds are short the stock, they probably take their tax loss by covering before year end. So I don't see much downside till next year