Friday, July 25, 2014

Least Interesting Market

When the bulls are in control, the fun goes away.  Rarely do you see panic buying in the market.  It is usually panic selling.  So when you only have buying, you have no panic.  No panic, and no emotions and no inefficiencies.  These are emotionless markets.  That is what happens when you have super low volatility and a rising trend.  

I don't expect things to change anytime soon.  Next week is FOMC meeting and nonfarm payrolls, two days when the market is not allowed to go down.  And you also have the beginning of the month next Friday, so that is also an up day most of the time.  So these are slim pickings for the bears for the next 7 days.

I am not comfortable getting long bubble markets, so I have been very selective playing the long side.  And to short is to lose money in this market.  So stuck doing nothing most of the time.  No pain doing nothing, but also no gain.  

Unless we get more exciting markets, I will not have anything to add.  Be back when the action comes back.  Otherwise, I will be mostly watching, maybe put up a few words on Twitter.


MM111 said...

Small pullback. Maybe lower coming or worth taking a bite here?

Market Owl said...

Seems like middle of range to me. I'm not tempted at all to trade.

MM111 said...

Finished at the lows so maybe we are going to retest 1950 but with this market I doubt it.