Friday, October 21, 2016

Most Uninteresting Market

Even the selloffs are boring.  The volume is light for a reason.  The market is not going anywhere, the volatility is low, and really presents very few worthwhile opportunities.  Everyone is cool, calm, and collected.  That is not a situation where you will find big edges.  You need the majority to be feeling uncomfortable in order to get more opportunities.  When the investors and traders are acting rationally, there are very few openings available.

You would figure that the election would get some traders and investors more nervous than this but it is a foregone conclusion that Clinton will win and the only question is who controls the Senate and House.  I really doubt that Trump's implosion will affect other Republicans.  It is clear that Trump is in his own little world and category, pushed off to the side.  A sideshow.  A clown act.  Someone who looks worse as the days go by.

What's worse than the sexual harassment cases, he is whining about the election being rigged.  And he's not just talking about media coverage, but the actual voting mechanism and polls.  That is before the election even happens!

I was actually kind of hoping for Trump to do well and even win, just to shake up US politics.  But he just couldn't control himself and went overboard with the conspiracy theories and talk of a rigged election.  That was the final nail in the coffin.

And there is a very large portion (about 40%) of the US population who actually believe him when he says the election is rigged.  That is a sad state of affairs.  There is no reason to rig the election because BOTH Democrats and Republicans are bought and paid for by corporations, lobbyists, and special interest groups.  Those in power could really care less who wins, they have it made either way.

I almost never talk about politics unless it affects the market but these days are so uninteresting that I can't help myself.

Back to the market.  I think the market is set for a pre-election rally in the first week of November.  We should have a few remaining days of nervousness and position squaring ahead of the election and then it will pass.  We should be back over 2160 by first week of November.

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