Tuesday, March 22, 2016

More Short Squeeze

The terrorist attacks was just another bear trap.  You get another weak open which sets up a morning squeeze as the bears question why stocks go up when there is "bad" news.  There is a big difference between news that affects company fundamentals and news that doesn't.  Yellen wanting more rate hikes is bearish.  A terrorist attack in Belgium is not.  Yet we get the same traders who don't learn from past history of these attacks, which is that they don't affect the market.

The market wants to go higher.  Let it go higher.  There will be a time for a good risk/reward short but it is going to take much longer than most expect.  Perhaps late late April/early May is a rough guess at this point for a top.  But I am not enthusiastic about shorting this market.  I would rather just buy bonds on a dip as equities rally.  Back to the bore.  Same old same old.

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