Monday, December 14, 2015


The crowd is starting to capitulate.  We are getting scare mongers act like junk bond experts now.  Who cares about the junk bond market.  There is a reason it is called junk.  These are speculative companies that raise capital at higher interest rates for a reason.  It is weak because of weak oil and nat gas, nothing more, nothing less.

I sold out of the ES long on Friday and will re-enter today as we get close to SPX 1985 support.  I will be buying intraday weakness today.  It is getting nasty out there, the best times to buy.  The Fed will be dovish as all get out and is probably one and done for good.

Stocks will love a dovish Fed and finally get the cloud of an interest rate hike out of the system.

Buy the fear.


Anonymous said...

Lubing good with the vaseline.

Market Owl said...

All lubed up. Ready for forced entry!