Thursday, December 18, 2014

Pure Strength and VIX Remains Bid

Wow.  That was a show of power that I haven't seen in a while.  Back to back 2% up days right near all time highs.  Extremely rare.

The VIX futures were barely down today even though SPX went up 52 points.  And that is right before a slow 2 weeks of trading before Christmas and New Year's.  That is almost unheard of.   I don't want to read too much into two days of trading, and perhaps this is a short squeeze ahead of triple witching tomorrow.  But, it is quite possible that we are entering a new volatility regime.  And that is what happened to volatility in the late 1990s as we entered the blow off phase of that 90s bull market.  Something to think about as we head into what should be an epic 2015.


Anonymous said...

GPRO went the other way of the market this week. A couple bucks lower and this should be a huge trade.

Market Owl said...

GPRO has a lockup expiration next Tuesday. There will be a flood of sell orders to meet any buy orders.