Friday, December 13, 2013

Study TWTR's Price Action

If you want a lesson in trading super charged, momentum bubble stocks, print out the 30 minute chart for the past two weeks in TWTR and put it away for future reference.  This is eerily similar to the May price action in TSLA, just without the catalyst.  No catalyst, and you get a move of 40 to 59 in two weeks for a $20+ billion market cap company.  That doesn't happen often.  It reminds me of the dotcom boom, except without the satellite plays that fueled so many other tertiary names.  This is just TWTR going solo, leaving behind the rest of the momos in the dust.

The takeaway from the May surge in TSLA and the December surge in TWTR is that in order to fuel a huge move higher, you need a small float, large and vociferous short interest (probably most important!), a popular product, and huge growth potential.  Mix it all up and you get a formula for an explosive move higher.

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