Thursday, February 14, 2013

Micro Dips

We are not getting any big dips.  We are getting at most 10-15 point pullbacks and they are raging buys.  Raging.  If you don't buy reflexively, this bull market will already leave you in the dust and go higher.  We got the premarket raging buy down at 1510 and it was snapped up in a hurry.  European weakness was the excuse for the selling.  The U.S. could care less about Europe, it is on its own mission.  The best house in a bad neighborhood. 

Corporate buybacks and M&A deals are still supporting this market after the inflows have died down.  We need to get to higher prices before enough supply can stop this uptrend.  Until then, buy at any price.  You will be able to sell higher within a few days.

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