Friday, December 17, 2010


Everyone has already bought and no one wants to sell.  That is how you get 5 point intraday ranges.  It is great for the stock investor however.  Leaning towards a gap down but not a strong feeling. 


Anonymous said...


If you put your opinions out there, you should be open to criticism. And lately, you've just been terrible. Is there any credibility to anything you say anymore?

Anonymous said...

How is he not open to criticism ? Your critical post is here as are others. If you think his trading advice thinks then don't take it.

Market Owl said...

I don't mind receiving the criticism, but I don't think its warranted for the last few days. I was spot on about covering in the morning dip on Thursday and did mention that we would grind higher for the rest of the day. My gap up call was a off but we basically opened flat on Friday so if you bought at the close and sold at the open on Friday you didn't lose anything. And my call for early weakness for Friday was spot on.

I have been off on the being bearish the last couple of weeks but I think forecasted things pretty well the last few days.